What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

I wanted to pay a compliment to Mike Hooks and his crew, (Trevon and Ducks).  Mike was the first person I called after reporting a fire to my property in Sumter to State Farm my insurance company. He was prompt to begin clean up. He was very accessible, pleasant and so easy to work with.  Mike and his crew did a great job on my property and made it effortless on my part. Thank you Mike. I would highly recommend SERVPRO to anyone in need of your services. 

Very professional crew. Thorough cleaning. Awesome with home owners concerns and needs. Highly recommend Shaun and his crew.

I was just telling Duane, the agency manager in the Sumter office. That we are lucky to have a good company to work with for these fire and water claims. We were not so lucky in the upstate. We appreciate the help!

The team was very helpful throughout the restoration process. Anything that came up during the process was immediately brought to my attention. They were so polite and concerned with my home and our personal well-being.

Every staff member very sensitive and caring.

Very personable and pleasant as well as professional.

Staff was courteous and time efficient. Handled my furniture like it was theirs.  

SERVPRO was called to my home on November 2, 2017 after having a dryer fire which caused a lot of soot and smoke damage thoughout our property.  Of course having COPD, I was concerned about the air quality I was breathing.  SERVPRO was on site very promptly and by beginning their filtration and mitigation services, I had no residual effects that hindered my breathing further.  SERVPRO was very professional, and did a great job !  By SERVPRO arriving so quickly, we were able to avoid vacating our home which may not have been the case otherwise.  SERVPRO was the best part of this ordeal and I wish everything was as easy as they made it.  I would definitely recommend them !