Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Causes Ceiling Collapse In Sumter

We received a call about a burst pipe in a ceiling after hours. Upon arrival we found that the amount of water that was coming from the burst pipe had saturated the insulation to the extent that it cause the ceiling to collapse.

Lifting Carpet For Drying

In most cases with clean water loss, the carpet is lifted or "floated" for drying. This ensures that the pad and the carpet are being addressed. If this had been a gray water loss, the carpet and pad would have been removed. 

A Leaking Roof in Dalzell, SC

A leaking roof can lead to major damage. This roof leak caused the saturation of carpet, padding, and sub floor. The carpet has been lifted to ensure the proper drying of the pad as well as the sub floor and carpet. This minimizes the damage to the sub floor and restores the carpet and padding to make it "Like it never even happened".

Most Common Cause of Water Damage

Your toilet supply line can cause a great deal of damage if it leaks or busts. You may think if you mop up the water that everything is good to go, however that is not always the case. Your bathroom vanity, baseboards, and walls can also be affected. The water can get up underneath your baseboards and cause your drywall to become wet and over time may even grow mold. It is always important to have a professional evaluate your circumstance to be on the safe side.  

Wet Carpet after a Busted Pipe

The longer water stands in your property, the more harm that is caused, the more damage is done, and the more likely mold is to grow.

One way to make the carpet drying process go faster is by using a weighted extraction system.  The water removal technician will essentially walk with the tool throughout the wet area and press the tool down into the carpet, where the extraction tool then begins sucking up any water through the vacuum the tool is attached to, including any water soaked into the carpet’s padding or underlay.

 a weighted extraction tool can remove 97% of any moisture in your carpets, giving you a BIG headstart in the water extraction process and helping ensure your wet carpets are dried more quickly.  Of course, once the extraction tool has been used, SERVPRO of Sumter will set air movers throughout the affected area to finish the drying process.

Collapsed Ceiling

The debris you see here is the result of a broken pipe in the attic. The ceiling drywall and insulation fell to the floor below and left a horrible mess. SERVPRO cleaned up this mess and tore out the remaining damaged ceiling. 

Drying out the cabinets

This is the aftermath of a water intrusion in the kitchen that required cabinet drying. The injection drying system is used to dry the cavity of the cabinets by drilling holes in the toe kick of the cabinets creating a less intrusive process for the insurance company and the homeowner. In the past the cabinets would have been removed, therefore increasing the cost of the claim.