Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Ice and Snow Emergency Handled By The Disaster Team

Not all storm damage has to do with flooding and fires. Ice and snow can also bring on disaster. `From fallen trees to collapsed roofs from snow weight, SERVPRO is always ready to help.

Lightning Hits The Roof

When lightning strikes a house, it can travel in any number of directions. Roofs often take a major hit, and metal gutters are especially susceptible, too.

Immediately call the fire department if you suspect lightning has struck your home. 

Summerton, SC Flooded Roadways

Summerton, SC was impacted heavily by the 1000 year flood in 2015. This is the aftermath all the rains left behind crippling the small town just 8 miles from Lake Marion. 

Kingstree, SC Fallen Trees

During the high winds of Hurricane Matthew, Kingstree, SC suffered lots of downed trees that blocked roadways and in some cases even took out the roofs of homes and business.

Kingstree, SC Flooded Roadways

Kingstree, Sc during the 1000 Year Flood in 2015. Never trust a road covered in water. You do not know how deep the water is or if there is a strong current present that can carry you away into even more dangerous waters. 

Sargaent Rd. Sumter, SC

This is the aftermath of the flooding in 2015 on Sargaent Rd. in Sumter, SC. The sink whole started out with just a side of the road caving in, by the time the rains where finished the whole section of the road was gone.