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The definition of biohazard and how SERVPRO can help

3/14/2018 (Permalink)

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\ 'bi-o-?ha-z?rd \

noun 1. material of biological origin that is hazardous to humans  This includes bodily fluids such as blood and microbial growth such as mold to name just a couple.  SERVPRO Professionals take great care and pride in removing any and all bio hazards you may be experiencing weather it is from the death of a loved one or the unsightly growth of mold.  Personal protective equipment is always used to protect not only our SERVPRO Professionals but also the parts of your home that are not contaminated.   The disposal of these contaminants are also handled carefully by being bagged and boxed in biohazard bags and containers and hauled off by a company who specializes in bio hazard disposal.  Let SERVPRO of Sumter do the unpleasant work for you.